Elevate Your
Buying Experience

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions and investments you’ll make. It’s emotional, fun, stressful and exciting. Let us guide you through the process with a customized plan that works for your needs.

Our Process


Know your “wish list” and priorities. What areas are most desirable? What size of home do you want or need? Is walkability important? Maintenance provided? Number of bedrooms and bathrooms? Are schools import- ant? Yard size? Special concerns? Renovations or a “move in ready” house? What features best make a house your home?


A key element in starting the home search process is knowing what you can afford and establishing a loan approval. Home loans are not “one size fits all.” They come in a variety of types/ratios and terms. We have lenders we work with who are trusted and can also specialize in First Time Homebuyer, Veteran, Physician and other specialized loan opportunities.

Home Search

We will schedule a customized, daily auto email with active and coming soon properties that meet your crite- ria. Getting out and looking is important! We can show according to your schedule, and always encourage going to open houses. Once you seriously begin the search, some priorities and the “wish list” may change.


Once you find a home, we will move step by step through the offer process. Discussions of fair market value and timing will be an important part of this phase. The things to consider will be offer price, closing, lender/ loan, inspections and any other special terms. Negotiations will likely occur, and once terms are agreed upon, the home is “under contract”.

Inspections & Appraisal

The inspection phase is typically 10 days and is an opportunity for due diligence in evaluating the home. Potential inspections include whole home, termite, radon, sewer, structural, roof and/or mold. Once completed, the buyer can accept the property ‘as is’, renegotiate, or cancel the contract.

The appraisal process begins after inspections are done. Lenders require an appraisal to establish the value of the property for the loan. These are sched- uled by the bank and coordinated with the sellers’ agent to be completed after the inspection resolution is done. An appraiser is an independent third party who establishes an “opinion of value” for the property under contract. The lender will charge a fee to the buyer as part of lender costs for this process. Appraisals must be completed and accepted 5 days prior to close.


You will work with you lender to finalize financing. Prior to close, you will receive a utility transfer reminder and a completed seller information sheet. You will also receive a settlement statement showing your debits:

  • Prepaid taxes, insurance and interest

  • Title insurance

  • Lender fees association with obtaining a loan, including appraisal fees and down payment

  • Deed and mortgage recording fees

  • Prorated HOA fees (if applicable)

  • Closing fees including tax service fees

  • BHGRE franchise fee
    Closing will occur at a mutually agreed upon time with the title company on your closing date.